Be sure that you and your supplier are on the same page in creating the ideal partnership. Using The Supplier Experience Assessment, you gain insight into how your suppliers assess your performance. The Assessment will help you proactively build stronger relationships and successful business partnerships.

What can it be used for?

Supplier assessment is a great way to strengthen trust, mitigate risks, reduce costs, and drive the overall supply chain performance. To break its benefits down:

When you enable your suppliers to assess your organization and your performance, you will stand stronger in your communication, it will bring new opportunities to the table, and you will be more aligned regarding interests of both parties.

What does the company gain by using this assessment?

Besides getting insights to strengthen your supplier relations, you can also use the stronger involvement and insights to impact growth even further. Using the Supplier Assessment, you will obtain new insights that will help you to develop supplier collaboration effectively, in the right areas and at the right speed. After first Assessment (the baseline), you have data and the foundation to initiate relevant actions. Thereby you achieve a qualified leading star, and to ensure momentum, avoid loss of knowledge and efforts, you should carry out one or more follow-up Assessments, to ensure it’s not just a short-term effort.


Customer Experience Assessment

Six categories, 24 specific measurement points
Language: UK, DK
Receive comments on low scores
Receive GAP comments
The expected implementation time is 20 minutes.

The six focus areas in Supplier Experience Assessment

  1. Strategic thinking
  2. Customer Experience
  3. Sales focus & adaptability
  4. Lead management
  5. Innovative & Change
  6. Future Improvement: Open Questions:
    • Any thoughts on what you think WORKS WELL today?
    • Any thoughts on what you think is NOT WORKING or MISSING – which we haven’t discussed?