A Gartner Analysis showed that nearly 90% of sellers report feeling burned out from work, and over half are actively looking for a new job as a result. A Deloitte analysis shows that 77% say they have experienced burnout at their current job. 91% say that unmanageable stress or frustration impacts the quality of their work, and 83% say burnout can negatively impact personal relationships.

In today’s climate that shouldn’t come as a shock, but what can you do to keep your employees engaged and motivated through current and future disruptions? It has to be motivating both to go to work and to go home. Employees must learn to take control themselves, and constantly work towards that goal.

What do you gain by using this assessment?

Personal success and balance depend on how employees take back control of the working day. Prioritize and plan optimally. Personal efficiency concerns how employees use their time optimally. But also what attitude the employees have towards daily tasks, as well as cooperation and communication with managers, colleagues, customers, suppliers, etc.

The goal must be to help employees navigate positively in a busy everyday life and achieve more in less time. First step is to make a Baseline Assessment, which is where are you today, a diagnosis of your company’s situation, identify where you as a company can improve. identify where you as a company can improve. But also at department level see where the individual department has challenges. And if the employees do not answer anonymously, you will be able to identify where the individual needs help. Without this insight, you cannot create important, significant, sustainable improvements.


The Personal Effectiveness Assessment
Nine categories, 33 specific measurement points
Language: UK, DK, FR
Receive comments on low scores
Receive GAP comments
The expected implementation time is 25 minutes.

The nine focus areas in Personal Effectiveness Assessment

  1. Mess & order
  2. Priority
  3. Planning
  4. Focus
  5. Stress
  6. Meetings
  7. Systems
  8. Holiday
  9. Future Improvement: Open Questions:
    • Any thoughts on what you think WORKS WELL today?
    • Any thoughts on what you think is NOT WORKING or MISSING?