9 out of 10 B2B companies lose a lot of leads on the floor, the loss is often 20-30% or even more. At the same time, we know from analyzes that 81% cannot see whether the sellers receive enough leads to build a large enough pipeline, and 85% of the companies do not work with risk management on leads, for example compliance with deadlines for follow-up on qualified leads.

Too many companies are not in control of their leads

Generally speaking, the lead culture is weak in many B2B companies. A previous analysis carried out by TheLeadCompany on more than 150 companies showed, among other things, that 82% of companies do not have a clear definition of a good lead and the quality parameters associated with it! When people from different departments such as sales, marketing, management were asked, the answers were different. At the same time, very few have a clear process for handling leads from the various lead channels and how to ensure transparency around key parameters such as lead channel volume, quality, deadlines for follow-up and feedback on yield.

What does the company gain by using this assessment?

Measuring the organisation’s Lead & Pipeline maturity level ensures a stronger starting point for creating a stronger Lead Management strategy and subsequently executing plans and activities. According to a recently Gartner analysis 70% of CSOs are investing or considering investments in the sales development function to generate pipeline. This Assessment will provide you with:


Lead & Pipeline Assessment

Seven categories, 32 specific measurement points
Language: UK, DK
Receive comments on low scores < 5
GAP comment on GAPs > 5
The expected implementation time is 20 minutes.

The seven focus areas in Lead & Pipeline Management

  1. Management
  2. Segments
  3. Leadchannels
  4. Leads
  5. Pipeline
  6. Situation of readiness
  7. Future improvements:
    • Any thoughts on what you think WORKS WELL today?
    • Any thoughts on what you think is NOT WORKING or MISSING?