When you are a customer of InsightsRadar, you get access to many Ready-Made Assessments. A Ready-Made Assessment consists of:

All the basics have been prepared, and in addition, the settings for the individual question are also set up in relation to requirements to answer, show potential, comment if the score is lower than X, comment if GAP is greater than X (GAP is the difference between “today’s score”, and “where we should be score”.

So, WHAT can you use Ready-Made Assessments for?

1. Easy and quick to get started. If you find a focus area that is spot-on for you, it is perfect that you can use this Assessment here and now, without spending time and effort to build it from scratch. Easy and fast.

2. Inspiration & Quality. The Ready-made Assessments are well thought out and typically built around larger analyses, and reports, and several of the Ready-made Assessments are also built by experts. You can go through Assessments and copy ideas, categories, questions, etc.

Where can I see all the Completed Assessments?

It depends on the type of user you are:

1. Regular user

If you are a regular user, you can see the overview here https://portal.insightsradar.com/custom-landingpage/assessments-io/ If you experience a password to gain access to see and read about these, the code is “Insights2022“.

2. Manager or Admin

As a Manager or Admin, you also have access to the overview here https://portal.insightsradar.com/custom-landingpage/assessments-io/ and again with code “Insights2022“.

But as a Manager or Admin, you can also see the overview inside the InsightsRadar Solution. You have this overview when you click on “Base Radar” in the top menu and select “System Expert BaseRadars”

Following the link above in 1 and 2 will bring you to the overview page of all Ready-Made Assessments. Below, you can see a screendump of the overview page.

Activate Ready-Made Assessments in the InsightsRadar solution?

1. As a normal user

You cannot find the Ready-Made Assessments as a user. If you have found an Assessment from the overview page, you need to contact the responsible person for Assessments. This person can open up for the Ready-Made Assessment

2. As Manager or Admin

As Manager or Admin, you have 2 options, A. Clone the BaseRadar or B. Make direct Assessment.

A. Clone the BaseRadar.

When you clone the BaseRadar, you get a full copy of everything, categories, questions, figure texts, etc., etc. When you clone a Ready-Made BaseRadar, your new BaseRadar will be placed in BaseRadar > My BaseRadars. From here you can make all changes you want, you can edit questions, delete, add, etc.

B. Make direct Assessment

You can make a direct Assessment without cloning the BaseRadar. In the Menu, pick “Assessment”, then “ + Add Assessment ” and from the BaseRadar List pick “Ready-Made” and pick the BaseRadar. From here you create events, send invitations, and so on.