Analysis with 509 Danish SMEs shows that 44% of the companies actively use customer data, and that these have a 48% better net result per employees than companies that do not actively use customer data. The analysis thus shows a huge potential for 56% of the companies in using customer data.

The best companies have control over their customer data

The best companies in the Customer Data Assessment are referred to as “the Movers”, which also are the ones that deliver the clearly best financial numbers. There is a 48% difference in the net result per employees between the low scoring companies and “The Movers” and a clear gain in working actively with customer data.

You can use the Customer Data Assessment to:

What does the company gain by using this assessment?

Measuring the organisation’s customer data  maturity ensures a stronger starting point for creating the customer data strategy and subsequently executing plans and activities. You will as a minimum get.

“The results of the analysis clearly prove that companies can use customer data for growth – and that not all companies take advantage of these opportunities. Companies can create growth and earnings based on customer data that they already have”

Professor Thomas Ritter, Copenhagen Business School (CBS)


Customer Data Assessment

Five categories, 21 specific measurement points
Language: UK, DK
Receive comments on low scores
The expected implementation time is 15 minutes.

The five focus areas in Customer Data

  1. Customer data
  2. The customer
  3. Management
  4. Employees 
  5. Finance & IT