Some years ago, CEB/Gartner conducted one of the largest analyses in sales, covering more than 6.000 sales reps from all over the world and across industries, and covering 44 measuring points. The purpose was to discover why some sales reps in both good and less good economic times always manage to reach their sales goals, and always deliver the best results. What are these ”top performers” doing differently?

A clear winner in B2B Sales of complex solutions and products

The Gartner/CEB research showed that among the 5 identified Sales Profiles there is a clear winner and a clear loser. In the High Performers group the difference became significant. 54% of all High Performers were Challengers. Measuring your sales reps Challenger Selling Maturity ensures a stronger starting point for strengthening your sales reps.


The Challenger Mindset Assessment
Five categories, 14 specific measurement points
Language: UK
Receive comments on low scores
Receive GAP comments
The expected implementation time is 15 minutes.

The five focus areas in Challenger Selling Mindset

  1. Teach
  2. Tailor
  3. Take Control
  4. Create Consensus
  5. Future Improvement: Open Questions:
    • Any thoughts on what you think WORKS WELL today?
    • Any thoughts on what you think is NOT WORKING or MISSING?