4 out of 5 sales reps experience an increasing number of stakeholders in the buying proces, and 75% experience these stakeholders come from different departments. The more stakeholders involved in the purchase decision, the more difficult it becomes for the stakeholder group to decide. Analyses show that the conversion rate drops by 50% when just 5 stakeholder people are involved in the purchase. Decisions are pushed, purchases are significantly reduced or end in no-decision. We can’t change this trend, but we can change the way we sell to them.

What can it be used for?

Stakeholder Management has gone from being an easy task aimed at a few decision makers, to today probably being the biggest challenge in B2B sales. The biggest problem is that sales does not have a data-driven approach. When salespeople meet with a stakeholder group, they do not have data on where there is misalignment among the stakeholders and where there is consensus that they are in a bad position. This Assessment provides data and insight into how strong you are in handling stakeholders in the buying process, and make it to your advantage in sales.


Insights Selling Assessment

6 categories, 17 specific measurement points
Language: UK, DK
Receive comments on low scores
Receive GAP comments
The expected implementation time is 20 minutes.

The six focus areas in Insights Selling:

  1. Stakeholder insight
  2. Strategic thinking
  3. Innovative
  4. Acting
  5. Enablement
  6. Future Improvement: Open Questions:
    • Any thoughts on what you think WORKS WELL today?
    • Any thoughts on what you think is NOT WORKING or MISSING?

Do you or your projects or team have blind spots that need to be addressed, in order to achieve the level of success you want?